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From the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas to verdant forests in the Western Ghats, hills are a dominant characteristic of India’s natural beauty. You can plan to simply relax and admire the magnificence of nature or go for adventure activities like cycling and trekking.

A cup of refreshing and fragrant tea is all it takes to make friends of strangers and Munnar hill station is one of those places known for excellent produce of this agri-food. Dews on tea-leaves resulting from the hanging misty cover over the tea garden make the appearance of this aspect of human indulgence even more beautiful. This is the first image of Munnar when its name is uttered which is later plied with the other reasons of its fame which is why it is so much loved by the routine travelers along with those who have heard it enough times to have strong desire to see it at least for once.

The time is always right to do what is right.

The area surrounding the place is all hills of Western Ghats, lakes, greenery, wildlife, falls, etc allowing gaps in the consciousness to be filled by the silence of exhilaration. Such musings are impossible when mind is troubled by worries and infested with load of work, which is why Munnar in beautiful Idukki district offers much-looked-for respite.


Beauty on the Inside

The place divided in Old Munnar and Munnar is almost self containing when one plans vacation in south- there is past to learn from, present to ponder and enjoy and future that could be visualized from what present stands for and ready to extend. And there is much over and above in the nearby villages and town included in Munnar travel package to make the experience of Munnar as complete as it can be. Caught in the mesmerizing haunt of dewy-misty night slowly taking shroud of darkness only to transform into sky of orange-yellow hue on grey turning to white, tourists can never escape the memories crafted by such visually gratifying sceneries. All the aspects of Munnar tourism could be glimpsed in following attractions.

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Neelakurinji Blooming

In 2018, the beautiful hills of Munnar shall once again attract people from across the planet to view a very special phenomenon in person. This monumental event is the blooming of the Neelakurinji flower, which appears once every 12 years, and can only be viewed here in Munnar. Neelakurinji or ‘Strobilanthes kunthiana’ blooms in 40 or so varieties, a majority of them being blue in colour. ‘Neela’ literally translates to ‘blue’ and kurinji is the name given to it by the tribals of the area. Last seen in 2006, the time for viewing them begins in August and lasts up to October. In Munnar, one can view this great sight from Kovilur, Kadavari, Rajamala and Eravikulam National Park. Eravikulam is incidentally home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, hosting a majority of the remaining population of the species on the planet.

Nearest Airport:
Cochin International Airport
1,532 m
Named for:
Tea plantations, cool climate
18 °C, Wind E at 5 km/h, 90% Humidity
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